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It is great to be in Queensland for the Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting and there has been some robust discussion between us and our state colleagues today, as you’d expect. There’s some very important issues on the agenda involving heavy vehicle reforms, automated vehicles, road safety and we look forward to further discussions as the day goes on.

The Federal Government is, rightly, very proud of the Budget last week. We had a record $75 billion investment in infrastructure over 10 years and we look forward to having a positive working relationship with our state colleagues in the months and years ahead. Quite frankly, the Australian people expect us to get on with the job, get on with the job of delivering the infrastructure that Australians need, delivering infrastructure that will make a difference in the lives of our kids and our grandkids as well.


I think this is the third meeting I’ve had with Mr Fletcher, and what we’re doing is developing a path forward, not only about the $2.3 billion deal that we developed over the past two weeks, but also about future projects. There’s a new $10 billion infrastructure fund that was announced as part of the Federal Budget only last week, and we’re very keen to be part of that and actually develop our business cases as soon as possible to try and secure as much money as possible.

We have a big infrastructure task in WA and we’re very keen to be part of a process that delivers more funds for WA. Like I said, the $2.3 billion project deal that we secured in the past two weeks has given the industry certainty, job security, and of course a number of projects that we’ll be progressing with quickly around the state to reduce congestion. We want to keep moving forward and secure more funds for WA to develop much needed infrastructure projects, and of course our Metronet project. So very keen, another productive discussion, and very keen to move forward.


Minister, thank you for joining us tonight. Paul, can I get to the heart of this? Anyone driving to the studio knows how bad the Sydney traffic is. So you’ve inherited a problem with a number of our major cities. Sydney in particular. So what can the Federal Government do? What are your priorities and how are we going to do something about better planning for the future for our cities?


The 2017-18 Budget is a once-in-a-generation, $75 billion infrastructure budget that sets a long-term vision for our future and commits to game-changing infrastructure projects across the nation.  Our $10 billion National Rail Program will reduce travel times, connect people with jobs and provide more options about where to live, work and invest.

Our equity commitment of up to $5.3 billion towards a Government Business Enterprise to build and operate Western Sydney Airport ends decades of indecision, with initial works to commence before the end of next year.  The Turnbull Government is also providing an additional $8.4 billion equity to the Australian Rail Track Corporation for Inland Rail to provide a high-capacity freight link between Melbourne and Brisbane. 

SABRA LANE:          

The Federal Government set aside billions in the Budget with money set aside for the Snowy 2.0 project and the new Western Sydney airport. Billions have also been earmarked for the inland rail project which has been talked about for decades. And another 10 billion will be funnelled into a new national rail program to fund priority regional and urban rail programs.

Joining me now to discuss it is Paul Fletcher the Minister for Urban Infrastructure. Minister, good morning and welcome to AM.

The Turnbull Government has committed $30 million to develop a rail link between the CBD of Melbourne and Tullamarine Airport.

Such a link is critical to the effective functioning of Melbourne’s transport system as the city continues to grow strongly.

The Turnbull Government has committed up to $5.3 billion over 10 years in the 2017-18 Budget to build Western Sydney Airport through a new company, WSA Co.

This major funding announcement is integral to the Government’s commitment to ensure the new airport is operational by 2026.

It makes sense for the taxpayer to build and be the first owner of such projects

The Turnbull government has announced it will build and own Western Sydney Airport, rather than Sydney Airport Group or another private sector company.

The Turnbull government has committed to constructing Sydney's $5 billion-plus airport at Badgerys Creek and left the door open to the private sector running it once the first flights begin in less than a decade.

Confirmation of the government's intentions come after Sydney Airport turned down its "right of first refusal" to build and operate Western Sydney Airport because of the "considerable risks" it would bear for decades.

Thursday, 04 May 2017 16:14

Herald Sun - Competition gets airborne

GOOD. Infrastructure minister Paul Fletcher is to be very profoundly congratulated for staring down the extraordinarily greedy Macquarie-led - or is that repeating myself? - Sydney Airport Corporation and committing the federal government to build the second Sydney airport.

It will cost $6 billion. That will most decidedly be some of treasurer Scott Morrison's 'good debt.' In any event it will be spread over the next 10 years or so, and at around $600 million a year essentially insignificant in the bigger budget scheme of things.

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