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The new Western Sydney Airport will eventually target business travellers as well as budget travellers and will not just be a low-cost terminal, says Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce warned the new airport needed to be "lower cost than Kingsford Smith" and operate 24 hours a day to justify shifting its Jetstar operations to Badgerys Creek "There's no incentive for us to move Jetstar's operations if if s more expensive or the same cost," Mr Joyce told Macquarie's Australia conference in Sydney, adding some airports were high-priced 'Taj Mahals".

Thursday, 04 May 2017 15:26

The Australian - Airport Takes Off

Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher has delivered the western Sydney airport project at a total cost of $5.5bn, and thankfully it will not be controlled by Sydney Airport.

The Howard government had previously erred by granting Sydney Airport the first right of refusal over the second airport, which on any competition ground was just plain dumb.

QANTAS and construction giant Lend Lease are eyeing opportunities in the new Badgerys Creek airport development, after Malcolm Turnbull moved to take control of the long-overdue project yesterday.

The Prime Minister acted after Sydney Airport Corporation passed up the chance to build and operate the new airport, which is poised to unlock billions of dollars of investment across Sydney’s west. Qantas boss Alan Joyce yesterday flagged moving Jetstar’s operating base from Kingsford Smith to Badgerys Creek, after it opens in 2026, saying Kingsford Smith could act as a "premium airport" and Badgerys Creek as a "low-cost" option.

The Turnbull government will deliver record infrastructure spending in next week's budget, following confirmation it will go it alone and build Sydney's $6 billion second airport with a promise to have construction tenders finalised by the end of the year.

Sydney Airport Group yesterday rejected the offer to take on the project, under its first right of refusal, claiming it could not make the project fly financially.


Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Urban Infrastructure. He’s live in the studio. Good afternoon to you Minister.


Good afternoon, Ben, good to be here.


Today the Turnbull Government has announced that it will be building Western Sydney Airport. This is a very important milestone in what’s been a journey since the Coalition Government committed, in 2014, to build Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. Since that time we have gone through a regulatory approval process, issued a draft environmental impact statement and a final environmental impact statement. We issued an airport plan at the end of last year, which creates the regulatory approval under the Commonwealth Airports Act, to build an airport here at Badgerys Creek. And we issued what’s called the Notice of Intention to Sydney Airport Corporation, which sets out the terms under which, if they chose, they could have built Western Sydney Airport. We were required to do that under their right of first refusal, which they have had since Kingswood Smith Airport, which was privatised in 2010.


And Paul Fletcher joins us. He’s the Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure. Good morning, Minister.


Good morning Wendy. Good to be with you.

The Turnbull Government today confirmed that it will build Western Sydney Airport.

Details of the Turnbull Government’s plan to build Western Sydney Airport will be announced by the
Treasurer in the Budget next week.

There is a clear link between housing affordability and planning new transport infrastructure. As last year's 15-Year Australian Infrastructure Plan pointed out, Australia's population is growing - as is the share of the population in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Housing supply needs to keep up with population growth in our big cities or the imbalance will drive up prices. Many things must happen before new housing comes onto the market, including zoning, planning approval, the supply of utilities like water and electricity, and the home being built.

Thursday, 27 April 2017 15:40

Harnessing big data for transport planning

The massive amounts of Australian vehicle traffic data being collected via satellite could soon be used by the Australian, state and territory governments to plan for future investments in essential transport infrastructure.

Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher today released the terms of reference for the Data Collection and Dissemination Plan project, with a draft plan scheduled for release within six months.

Authorised by Paul Fletcher MP, Level 2, 280 Pacific Highway Lindfield NSW 2070.

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