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The Western Australian election offers the latest evidence of a disturbing trend: Labor and the Greens do not seem to care much about the infrastructure needs of Australians who do not live in exclusive inner ring suburbs.

Infrastructure investment is vital to Australia's prosperity, and the Turnbull Government is investing in a wide range of projects all across Australia, so that people can move about our cities and regional areas more quickly and efficiently, freight can get to market, and our cities and urban areas remain among the most liveable in the world.

The nation’s independent infrastructure advisor Infrastructure Australia has today added three major projects to its Infrastructure Priority List.

Friday, 06 January 2017 14:27

Transcript: Press conference - Sydney

Topics: The Coalition’s $50 billion infrastructure investment; Parliamentary entitlements; Centrelink debt recovery letters

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 15:41

Consultation Begins on Fuel Emissions

The Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions is seeking input from consumers and industry on vehicle emissions.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 14:24

Transcipt - Press conference, Sydney

Topics: Western Sydney Airport

The Turnbull Government has today provided a ‘Notice of Intention’ to Sydney Airport Group – setting out the formal contractual terms for Sydney Airport Group to develop and operate Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

Works to increase the flow of freight by removing major pinch-points in Adelaide’s rail freight and road networks will begin within weeks following the award of the tender to design and construct the Torrens Rail Junction upgrade.

The Turnbull Government is calling for nominations to the Forum on Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA), an important community consultation forum which the Turnbull Government announced we would establish when we released the airport’s final Environmental Impact Statement in September.

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