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  • Speech to Launch the Data Collection and Dissemination Plan

    My task today is to officially launch the program of work to develop a National Data Collection and Dissemination Plan for the Transport and Infrastructure Sector.

    Eighteen months ago, when I was first assigned portfolio responsibility in the transport and infrastructure space, I would have been rather puzzled at the suggestion that we needed such a plan.

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  • Harnessing big data for transport planning

    The massive amounts of Australian vehicle traffic data being collected via satellite could soon be used by the Australian, state and territory governments to plan for future investments in essential transport infrastructure.

    Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher today released the terms of reference for the Data Collection and Dissemination Plan project, with a draft plan scheduled for release within six months.

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  • Massive conveyor to help fill Hornsby Quarry

    Work to fill Hornsby Quarry is a step closer with around 40 pieces of conveyor equipment making the journey from Brisbane to Hornsby to assist with the task.

    Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher said once assembled, the $9 million conveyor system will transport spoil into the quarry as the first stage of transforming the site and giving public parkland back to the community.

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  • Transcript: Interview on PVO Newsday - Western Sydney Airport


    You can choose to watch that, but why do any of that when I’m about to speak to our Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher. He joins me live in the studio, thanks for your company.


    Pleasure, Peter.

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  • Speech to the Committee for Sydney - Western Sydney Airport

    I am very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to you today about Western Sydney Airport.

    This is a vital project and the Turnbull Government is working hard to meet our goal of the airport being operational by 2026.

    Written on Friday, 21 April 2017 12:35 in Portfolio Speeches Read 211 times Read more...

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