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  • Public consultation underway on independent price regulation for heavy vehicle charges

    The Australian Government has today released a discussion paper on options for an independent price regulator for heavy vehicle charges.

    Heavy vehicle operators currently pay for access to public roads through the federally managed fuel‑based road user charge and through state government vehicle registration fees. While the National Transport Commission makes an annual recommendation to governments regarding the level at which these charges should be set, governments have the final say.

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  • Government exploring advanced braking systems in a bid to increase motorcycle safety

    The Australian Government has today begun consulting on options to improve the safety of motorcycle riders through the greater use of advanced braking systems.

    The Advanced Motorcycle Braking Systems for Safer Riding early assessment Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) analyses options to improve safety for motorcycle riders by increasing the use of advanced braking systems.

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  • $30 million M5 Belmore Road Ramps at Riverwood a step closer

    Planning for the Australian and New South Wales governments’ $30 million upgrade of the M5 South West Motorway at Belmore is progressing well.                                                                        

    Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher said the Australian Government’s record $70 billion transport infrastructure investment programme from 2013‑14 to 2020‑21 is building our future by creating jobs and delivering a safer, more effective national road network.

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  • Transcript - Doorstop Interview Transport and Infrastructure Council Meeting


    It is great to be in Queensland for the Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting and there has been some robust discussion between us and our state colleagues today, as you’d expect. There’s some very important issues on the agenda involving heavy vehicle reforms, automated vehicles, road safety and we look forward to further discussions as the day goes on.

    The Federal Government is, rightly, very proud of the Budget last week. We had a record $75 billion investment in infrastructure over 10 years and we look forward to having a positive working relationship with our state colleagues in the months and years ahead. Quite frankly, the Australian people expect us to get on with the job, get on with the job of delivering the infrastructure that Australians need, delivering infrastructure that will make a difference in the lives of our kids and our grandkids as well.

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  • Transcript - Press Conference on Infrastructure Funding in WA


    I think this is the third meeting I’ve had with Mr Fletcher, and what we’re doing is developing a path forward, not only about the $2.3 billion deal that we developed over the past two weeks, but also about future projects. There’s a new $10 billion infrastructure fund that was announced as part of the Federal Budget only last week, and we’re very keen to be part of that and actually develop our business cases as soon as possible to try and secure as much money as possible.

    We have a big infrastructure task in WA and we’re very keen to be part of a process that delivers more funds for WA. Like I said, the $2.3 billion project deal that we secured in the past two weeks has given the industry certainty, job security, and of course a number of projects that we’ll be progressing with quickly around the state to reduce congestion. We want to keep moving forward and secure more funds for WA to develop much needed infrastructure projects, and of course our Metronet project. So very keen, another productive discussion, and very keen to move forward.

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