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  • Transcript: Sky News Live - Western Sydney Airport


    Welcome back to NewsDay. We’re returning now to federal politics, and joining me live from Sydney is the Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Paul Fletcher. Mr Fletcher, good to speak with you, thank you for joining us. Firstly, I’m keen for your thoughts on your Coalition colleague George Christensen. He’s threatening again to leave the Government and go out on his own as an independent. A Nationals MP I spoke with earlier today described him as the boy who cries wolf – would you agree with that analysis, or could Mr Christensen be serious this time?

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  • Transcript- ABC Radio Sydney, Breakfast with Robbie Buck: Western Sydney Airport


    Paul Fletcher is the Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure and joins us this morning. Paul Fletcher, good morning.

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  • Enhancing Online Safety For Children Amendment Bill 2017: Second Reading

    The Enhancing Online Safety for Children Amendment Bill contains important amendments to implement the government's announcement of 23 November 2016 to broaden the general functions of the Children's eSafety Commissioner to cover online safety for all Australians, not just Australian children. The bill will also change the name of the Children's eSafety Commissioner (the commissioner) to the eSafety Commissioner, to reflect the expanded general functions.

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  • Matters of Public Importance: Infrastructure Spending

    Look, it is tough being the people's choice. It is tough being the people's choice when you are preferred by the rank-and-file, you have got a book, you have got a beer named after you and you are a disc jockey, but it has taken months and months and months to get a question and to get an MPI because you lost out to Backroom Bill. Backroom Bill had the numbers in the party room, in the caucus, and unfortunately being the people's choice just did not cut it. What you soon learn in dealing with the member for Grayndler is: you would go mad looking for internal consistency in what the member for Grayndler has to say.

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  • Modern Labor a Shrunken Relic of its Former Self

    The recent release of the 1992 cabinet papers is a reminder of the scale of economic reform during the Hawke and Keating years.

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