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To the editor,

I’d like to point out a range of factual errors in the article ‘New Australian e-Safety Commissioner could be censorship czar’. The statement that the government is preparing to “legislate wide-ranging internet censorship” is incorrect, as is the claim that the scheme will cover “absolutely anything the government wants”.

While the previous government spent lavishly on its planned national broadband network, it paid no attention to regional and remote mobile coverage. Not one dollar of public funding was allocated  for improved mobile services, despite repeated calls for action from country Australians.

MANY Australian businesses, particularly smaller businesses, are not big users of information and communications technology.

Imagine you had been treasurer of Australia for six years and never once delivered a surplus.

JUST about any company in Silicon Valley will dazzle you with stories of the change they have created.

LAST week NBN Co released its strategic review -- and some commentators expressed surprise that the company's recommended option (the "optimised multi-technology mix") would cost $41 billion.

Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

The Australian: Rudd in Reverse on Productivity

IN his National Press Club speech last month, Kevin Rudd told Australians that when he became Prime Minister in 2007, he aimed to "lift our national productivity" -- and he has never changed his view.

HOW did China so rapidly become Australia's No 1 export destination, purchasing $77 billion worth of iron ore, coal and other products in 2011-12?

Even a short visit to China offers some insights into its economic transformation -- which has seen Chinese steel production jump from 80 million tonnes in 2001 to 750 million tonnes today, in turn driving demand for Australian resources.

WHAT would it mean if the Australian government abandoned economic growth as a public policy objective?

This is what the Australian Greens party wants. Its updated policy platform, adopted last November, says "pursuit of continuous material-based economic growth is incompatible with the planet's finite resources". It calls for growth in production and consumption to be deprioritised as a goal of economic policy.

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 00:00

AFR: Red face, not red underpants

The just completed auction of radiofrequency spectrum for wireless broadband services has produced, by any measure, a disappointing result. It raised much less than $2 billion - after Communications Minister Stephen Conroy took the unusual step last year of directly intervening to set an extraordinarily high reserve price equating to nearly $3 billion. Conroy said the asset was the "waterfront property" of spectrum.

Authorised by Paul Fletcher MP, Level 2, 280 Pacific Highway Lindfield NSW 2070.

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