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Chairman of Council, Mr Peter Roach; Headmaster, Mr John Weeks; Commanding Officer, Major McKeith; President of the Old Knox Grammarians’ Association, Mark Wilson; other distinguished guests; Under Officers and members of the Knox Grammar School Cadet Unit; ladies and gentlemen; and Knox students.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak to you today on this important topic.

I am pleased to join you for this important conference.

It is a great pleasure to be here today to speak to this important conference of the HR Nicholls Society.

It is a privilege to speak to the Sydney Institute tonight on the topic of efficiency in government.

I want to argue that the public sector needs to focus much more intensely on efficiency – as private sector companies certainly do.


The financial services sector touches just about every Australian.

I am pleased to join you for this important conference.

The Superannuation sector is of vital importance to the Australian economy – and to the wellbeing of millions of Australians as they prepare for retirement.

It is a pleasure to be here this evening to talk to the annual dinner of the Australian Services Roundtable.

My own background has been very much tied up with the services sector. I have worked as a lawyer, as a management consultant, as a telecommunications executive and as a politician.


The most basic question in corporate strategy is, what business should we be in?

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