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Look, it is tough being the people's choice. It is tough being the people's choice when you are preferred by the rank-and-file, you have got a book, you have got a beer named after you and you are a disc jockey, but it has taken months and months and months to get a question and to get an MPI because you lost out to Backroom Bill. Backroom Bill had the numbers in the party room, in the caucus, and unfortunately being the people's choice just did not cut it. What you soon learn in dealing with the member for Grayndler is: you would go mad looking for internal consistency in what the member for Grayndler has to say.

Thursday, 01 December 2016 09:56

Ministerial Statements - Infrastructure

I am very pleased to rise to speak in this chamber to note the excellent infrastructure statement made by the Prime Minister just last week. Of course, as part of the infrastructure statement, the Prime Minister released the government's response to the 15-year Australian Infrastructure Plan, which sets out a comprehensive agenda of recommendations across a wide range of sectors: transport, communications, energy, water and other areas.

I am pleased to speak on the amendments moved by the shadow minister, the member for Greenway, and to indicate that the government will be opposing them. The effect of the amendments would be to remove the second schedule of the bill, which is the schedule which gives effect to the government's policy intention to remove the two-out-of-three rule. Of course that forms one of the key limbs of the integrated package of policy measures in this bill, with the other key limb being the removal of the 75 per cent reach rule.

Mr WALLACE: My question is to the Minister for Urban Infrastructure. Will the minister explain to the House the importance of restoring the rule of law to construction sites, ensuring hardworking Australians are getting value for money on major infrastructure projects. Is the minister aware of how these benefits might be threatened?


My question is to the Minister for Urban Infrastructure. Will the minister explain to the House the significance of the government's response to the Infrastructure Australia 15-year plan? How will other initiatives support the government's $50 billion Infrastructure Investment Program, and is the minister aware of any alternative approaches?

Thursday, 24 November 2016 16:12

Constituency statement: Stronger Communities Program

I am very pleased to rise to speak about the Hornsby Eco Garden. This project in Hornsby is funded in part by the Turnbull government's Stronger Communities Program.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 10:59

Matters of public importance: Broadband

Well, here we go again—yet again we have the shadow minister maintaining the tradition of being a Labor shadow minister for communications and continuing to assert, in the face of the gathering evidence, that the rollout is going badly. When the light of broadband availability is spreading across the land, it falls to the Labor shadow minister to look for gloom.

I would like to thank the members who have contributed to this debate on the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Television and Radio Licence Fees) Bill 2016.

I want to address a number of matters that have been raised by members today. The member for Scullin raised questions about the funding that is available to the state of Victoria.

I would like to address a number of the matters that have been raised in this debate today, but I want to start by addressing the matter of the East West Link, which was raised by the member for Shortland.

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