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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 11:12

Speech to the AFR National Infrastructure Summit

I am very pleased to have the chance to speak at the AFR National Infrastructure Summit – an important event on the calendar for the infrastructure sector.

I am pleased to join you for today’s Industry Leaders’ Luncheon.

I am very pleased to be here today to speak at the launch of the Western Sydney Visitor Strategy.

The development of this strategy is an impressive example of the private sector coming together with key public sector partners to generate a strategy for economic and social growth.

As the Western Sydney Business Connection has identified, the visitor economy in Western Sydney offers significant growth potential.

Over the Christmas break my wife, my son and I spent a day with the Blue Mountains Adventure Company. We started at their facilities in Katoomba, and they took us canyoning at sites in the Wollemi National Park.

We had a wonderful day – and it was a powerful reminder to me of the unique, high quality tourism offerings in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to you tonight about your industry, which is undergoing extraordinary change.

The automotive sector is a very large part of our economy and culture. There are dealerships in every suburb and town across the nation.

I am very pleased to be here today at this important conference organised by Consult Australia.

The sector you represent is large, vibrant and important.

Consult Australia represents the business interests of firms operating in the built and natural environment.

My task today is to officially launch the program of work to develop a National Data Collection and Dissemination Plan for the Transport and Infrastructure Sector.

Eighteen months ago, when I was first assigned portfolio responsibility in the transport and infrastructure space, I would have been rather puzzled at the suggestion that we needed such a plan.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to you today about Western Sydney Airport.

This is a vital project and the Turnbull Government is working hard to meet our goal of the airport being operational by 2026.

I am very pleased today to have the opportunity to speak at CEDA – an organisation which has long had an interest in the importance of infrastructure to our nation’s economic development.  

I want to speak today about the economic importance of national infrastructure policy – and I underline the word national because I want to focus particularly on the appropriate role for the Commonwealth government when it comes to infrastructure. 


This is an important and timely conference and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to speak at it.

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