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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 00:00

Speech to the FutureGov Summit

The impressive roll up at today’s FutureGov Summit is powerful evidence of how much energy is going into using information technology to transform government.

It is hugely important – and something the Abbott Government is strongly committed to.

It is my privilege to kick off proceedings by speaking about government online service delivery – and in doing so I would like to start with the question of what citizens expect of government.  Next I want to talk about the typical way that governments respond; and thirdly highlight an alternative strategy in which – shockingly – government does not try to do everything itself.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

CommsDay NBN Rebooted Conference 2014

It is a pleasure to be here at the NBN Rebooted Conference.

Following the election last year Comms Alliance and CommsDay took the initiative to hold the first of these conferences – and I am pleased that you have decided to continue the tradition in 2014.

That being said, it is my fervent hope that we are not all assembling for NBN Rebooted XII in 2024.

With the theme of this year’s conference being ‘Solving the Multi-Technology Puzzle’, I want to focus my remarks on two particular parts of that puzzle: wireless and satellite.

I am pleased to be with you at this important event.

Thank you to Matthew Keeley for the introduction, and for the important work you do at the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre in helping to protect Australian children in the internet age.

Today I’d like to discuss the Coalition Government’s approach to enhancing online safety for children. First, I’d like to speak about the policy journey we’ve taken up to this point – and the evidence base underpinning our policy proposals in this area.

Next I’ll talk about how we see the proposed new office of the Children’s e-Safety Commissioner working – and give an update on the legislative regime we are working to put in place.

Finally, I’ll outline the path ahead – the appointment of the Commissioner, the establishment of the office, and the Commissioner’s role in relation to education programmes delivered through schools.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00

Speech to the Google Global Impact Challenge


Good morning, it is a pleasure to be here and thanks to Google for hosting this important event.

Today I’d like to discuss three powerful ideas which are on display in the Global Impact Challenge. First, that technology is profoundly changing the way we can attack longstanding problems – thanks to ever greater, and vastly cheaper, computing power. Second, that not-for-profit and social ventures can benefit just as much from this new approach and technology as for-profit businesses can; and finally, that it is through a competitive process we can find the best and most impactful ideas and deliver them in the most effective way.

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 00:00

CommsDay Melbourne Congress


Last week the Vertigan Panel released its report on future regulation of the broadband market in Australia.

While worded in appropriately bureaucratic language the report makes one thing very clear: competition was the first casualty of Labor’s NBN policy.

Strathfield Girls High School – School Captain speeches for the Children's e-Safety Commissioner announcement

It’s a great pleasure to join you at today’s ACCAN ‘Connecting Today’s Consumer’ Conference.

The communications sector is changing at an extraordinary rate. That has all kinds of implications – including for consumers who can find it very hard to keep up.

Monday, 15 September 2014 00:00

Digital Built Environment Conference

Twenty years ago the notion of having someone from the communications portfolio speak at a conference about the built environment would have been rather mystifying.

Of course, twenty years ago the concept of having a conference about the digital built environment would have been equally mystifying.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 00:00

Third China-Australia Media Forum

It is a pleasure to represent the Australian Government at this very important forum this morning.

I am very pleased to join you for this important event.

May I congratulate the Alannah and Madeline Foundation for organising it – and for all the important work you do in protecting children.

Authorised by Paul Fletcher MP, Level 2, 280 Pacific Highway Lindfield NSW 2070.

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